5+ Best Picture 5.5 X 8.5 Wedding Invitation Template

5+ Best Picture 5.5 X 8.5 Wedding Invitation Template –

Apica CD Chargeless Account Artisan

MARCI - Geometric Wedding Invitation Template, White Rose Faux

MARCI – Geometric Wedding Invitation Template, White Rose Faux | 5.5 X 8.5 Wedding Invitation Template

Best for: Those on a account who don’t charge a ton of space

Length: 8 months

Layout: Monthly

Format: Undated

Size: 5.8 by 8.3 inches

Basic but actual functional, Apica’s account artisan has 32 pages, a cardstock cover, and cilia binding. It’s undated, so you can aces it up and alpha scheduling any allotment of the year. There are 16 bedding of account calendars (one ages stretches over two pages), added accession 15 pages of filigree paper. There are additionally a brace of pages for a annual overview. If you don’t charge a super-detailed agenda but still appetite article with nice cardboard and an affordable price, the Apica is a abundant option. 

At-a-Glance Three-Year Account Artisan

Best for: Big-picture thinkers

Length: Three years

Layout: Monthly

Format: Dated

Size: 9 by 11 inches, folio size

Long-term planners ability appetite added than a year’s account of amplitude to plan. The At-a-Glance three-year artisan goes from January 2021 to December 2023. Anniversary ages stretches over two pages, so it’s not necessarily the abode to get granular. However, it could be advantageous for a diffuse activity or acceptance who are aggravating to map out their advance schedules. The years are afar by tabs, but the months aren’t, so you may charge to do some flipping to acquisition your page. While it has a athletic cover, the artisan is additionally appealing bulky. You may appetite to leave it on your board instead of lugging it about in your backpack.

At-a-Glance additionally makes daily, weekly, monthly, and five-year versions of its planners.

Baron Fig Artisan

Best for: Accession analytical about ammo journaling who still appetite a calendar

Length: One year

Layout: Weekly

Format: Dated

Size: 5.4 by 7.7 inches

The anachronous artisan from Baron Fig has 192 pages, with two pages per week, laid out in a accumbent format. In accession to those bedding and the account views, there are 54 pages of dot filigree cardboard in the back. The album is encased in cloth, and a bolt bookmark helps accumulate your place. With a simple design, there’s added amplitude for scheduling and lists than there is for pre-made prompts.  

Baron Fig additionally makes an undated planner, if you adopt a little added adaptability in your scheduling. 

BestSelf Co. the Self Account

Best for: Committed circadian users

Length: 13 weeks

Layout: Daily

Format: Undated

Size: 5.75 by 8.5 inches

If you’re adorable for a lot of anatomy and prompts, the Self Account ability be appropriate for you. It has pages of tasks and templates to adviser your goal-setting. While undated, it’s alone meant to aftermost 13 weeks, so you won’t accept a abounding year at your fingertips. The idea, though, is to breach the year bottomward into chunks and do the aforementioned for alarming projects. There are spaces to ample out what you’re beholden for, goals, and targets. 

With 240 pages, the admeasurement is adequately portable, and it has a hardcover. The cardboard is additionally fountain-pen friendly.

Bloom Circadian Artisan

Best for: Anyone adorable for a specific layout

Length: One year

Layout: Daily

Format: Dated

Size: 6 by 8.25 inches

Bloom’s planners are abounding of lists and archive for you to ample out and advice you bulk out how to agenda the year ahead. There are eyes boards and habit-tracking options included. You can additionally assurance up for additional, downloadable bedding for bill tracking, meal planning, and so on. 

The nice affair about Bloom is that it has about endless options for accepting absolutely what you want. The planners appear in both album and album options, and there are several artisan layouts to accept from. For teachers, there are undated versions, as able-bodied as ones that alpha in July. If you accept a bells or new babyish on the horizon, there are planners for that, too.

Clever Fox Non-Dated Circadian Artisan

Best for: Bodies who like to do circadian entries and adulation stickers

Length: 6 months

Layout: Daily

Format: Undated

Size: 5.8 by 8.3 inches

Clever Fox’s circadian artisan has bulk of allowance for those with active canicule — or anyone who brand to blow and activate in their calendars. Anniversary day of the anniversary has its own page, with amplitude to agenda from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. There are additionally prompts for account goals (both assignment and claimed priorities) and abundance tracking. The artisan additionally comes with stickers to advice you personalize your pages. With a athletic awning in colors from atramentous to rose gold to aristocratic blue, it should be attainable abundant to acquisition one that matches your style. 

In accession to the circadian adaptation — which is alone for six months — there are account options that accept amplitude for a abounding year. If you appetite a beyond planner, the pro adaptation measures 8.5 by 11 inches. 

Cultivate What Matters Powersheets Ambition Artisan

Best for: Admirers of pastels, with big goals for the year

Length: One year

Layout: Monthly

Format: Dated

Blush and Green Wedding Invitation Set Invitation Template  Etsy

Blush and Green Wedding Invitation Set Invitation Template Etsy | 5.5 X 8.5 Wedding Invitation Template

Size: 7.75 by 10.5 inches

Getting started with PowerSheets is a bit of a commitment; it can booty a brace of hours to absolutely ample out your ambition sheets. There are additionally video explainers to advice you analysis all the boxes. The artisan is ample and athletic and should accept no botheration abiding the year. There are 160 pages, with the months advance over two pages. There are additionally two pages per ages for monthly, weekly, and circadian account and activity items. PowerSheets aren’t fabricated for circadian addendum but are added for bigger-picture projects and goals. 

There are lots of stickers and a delicate palette, which won’t address to everyone. 

Day Designer Circadian Artisan for Dejected Sky

Best for: Those who adulation splashy, abundant planners, but after the aerial price

Length: One year

Layout: Daily

Format: Dated

Size: 8 by 10 inches

Usually, Day Designer planners are $59, but the Dejected Sky accord adaptation is $25. The Dejected Sky artisan does accept lower-quality cardboard and a adjustable awning that may not angle up to abrasion and breach as able-bodied as a hardcover. The day has a 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. schedule, forth with allowance for agitation lists. At the top and basal are boxes for gratitude, your “top three” important items, and addendum for the night. 

If you accept a beyond account and adopt a circadian calendar, Day Designer’s flagship artisan has a folio committed to anniversary weekday, with a distinct folio for weekends. 

Emily Ley Simplified Artisan

Best for: Accession adorable for a refillable planner

Length: One year

Layout: Weekly

Format: Dated

Size: 5.5 by 8.5 inches

While Emily Ley has lots of options for the Simplified planner, this account adaptation comes with a faux accoutrement awning and is refillable. The account calendars get two pages, with basal prompts, abreast from some tips for accepting attainable for the attainable week. The blueprint gives you a little added amplitude to add your own tasks and agitation lists, admitting it is a abate artisan than abounding on the list. 

If you like the artful of this artisan but appetite article in a circadian version, that’s attainable as well. Emily Ley additionally makes teacher-specific and bells planners.  

Field Addendum 56-Week Artisan

Best for: Admirers of commonsensical planners

Length: 13 months

Layout: Weekly

Format: Undated

Size: 4.75 by 7.5 inches

Compact yet asperous abundant to bung in a backpack, Field Notes’ 56-week artisan is basal but absolutely functional. Anniversary anniversary gets two pages, with Saturday and Sunday administration space. They’re undated, so you can alpha anytime, absence a brace weeks, and aces aback up after crumbling pages. As the name suggests, you get amplitude for over a year, with 112 pages total. 

At beneath than $20, it’s one of the added affordable planners on the list, admitting we ambition there were a few options for the cover. 

Happy Artisan

Best for: Disney fans, bodies adorable for artisan with disposable pages

Length: One year

Layout: Weekly

Format: Dated

Size: 8.75 by 9.75 inches

Happy Artisan is all about authoritative its articles assignment for you, so there are absolutely a few agency to adapt your planner. It offers horizontal, vertical, and dashboard layouts, as able-bodied as a few altered sizes and undated options. You can additionally buy affluence of stickers to add added flair. The covers tend to be pastel, angrily colored, or Disney-themed, so it ability be adamantine to acquisition article added understated. We additionally like the planner’s discbound binding, which is like a three-ring adhesive you don’t accept to attainable and close.

Happy Planners are accepted with teachers, and they action 18-month versions that alpha in July. 

Ivory Cardboard Aggregation All-in-One Artisan

Best for: Bodies adorable for a somewhat adjustable alpha date for their planners

Length: 6 months

Layout: Daily

Format: Dated

Size: 8 by 10 inches

Very customizable with lots of options for blueprint and alpha dates, Ivory Cardboard Company’s All-in-One artisan comes with daily, weekly, and account pages. The circadian pages accept agenda and agitation boxes, as able-bodied as a hydration tracker, and an added atom to address reminders. There are 228 pages total, abundant for six months of tracking. 

If you’d rather accept a accomplished year in one book, there are additionally circadian and account planners, with options for accumbent and vertical layouts. 

Midori MD Anthology Diary

Best for: Bodies accurate about their paper

Length: 14 months

Layout: Monthly

Format: Dated

Size: 5.8 by 8.3 inches

If your alternative is for an baggy planner, this one from Midori is a abundant option. Midori is accepted for its paper, and the 175 pages are drain aggressive and fountain-pen friendly. For December 2020 through January 2022, you get two pages per month. The blow of the anthology is taken up by 113 pages with eight sections per two pages, which you can use as added of a account calendar, admitting they’re undated. There are additionally 32 apparent pages for addendum or sketches. 

This is a Japanese calendar, so it marks the country’s holidays, in accession to all-embracing ones.

Template for 5.5 x 5.5 Invitations

Template for 5.5 x 5.5 Invitations | 5.5 X 8.5 Wedding Invitation Template

Moleskine Archetypal 12-Month 2021 Account Artisan

Best for: Moleskine loyalists, bodies who don’t appetite prompts or quotes in their planners

Length: One year 

Layout: Daily

Format: Dated

Size: 5 by 8.25 inches

Moleskines are archetypal and attainable to find, and you can get one of their daily, 12-month planners for about the aforementioned bulk as abounding others on the list. The album makes it ideal for abiding use and casting in a bag, and they appear in the beyond admeasurement as able-bodied as a abridged edition. You get a abounding folio per day, added account angle that advance over two pages. There are no quotes, acknowledgment prompts, and such, so it’s absolute for those adorable for a aboveboard planner. 

Moleskine additionally has account planners, and both the circadian and account are attainable in 18-month formats.

Panda Artisan

Best for: Short-term projects, starting new habits or routines

Length: Three months

Layout: Daily

Format: Undated

Size: 5.25 by 8.25 inches

The archetypal adaptation of the Panda Artisan is undated, with allowance for three months of circadian tracking. There are additionally account and account sections. The artisan is advised for those who charge lots of on-page support, with boxes for morning and end-of-day reviews, addiction tracking, and priorities. Anniversary day gets a two-page spread, and they’re undated, so you can skip weekends if you appetite article added work-focused. The awning and autogenous designs are beneath aureate than abounding added planners on the list, which may be a absolute or negative, depending on what you like. 

Panda Planners additionally appear in undated, six-month and dated, full-year versions.

Passion Artisan

Best for: Creative projects, bodies who appetite goals and prompts

Length: One year

Layout: Weekly

Format: Dated

Size: 8.3 by 11.7 inches

The Passion Artisan is focused on action and allowance you accomplish your annual goals. The account adaptation has places for you to agenda what you’re absorption on and acceptable things that happened. The blueprint is vertical, so accumulate that in apperception if you adopt a accumbent setup. There a few styles to accept from, including undated circadian and account layouts. On the website, you can accept whether you appetite your planner’s anniversary to activate on Sunday or Monday. Small, medium, and ample sizes are available, with the bigger actuality a bit beyond than a accepted area of paper. 

If affairs a Passion Artisan doesn’t fit into your budget, the armpit has downloadable agreeable that you can book and fit into a regular, three-ring binder. There are additionally agenda versions available. 

Rhodia Webplanner

Best for: Bodies adorable for a nice, basal account planner

Length: One year

Layout: Weekly

Format: Dated

Size: 6.25 by 9.5 inches

Rhodia is a French anthology aggregation with a brand orange and atramentous scheme, so there aren’t a ton of blush options. Unfussy, with a faux accoutrement awning and nice paper, the Webplanner gives allowance for a account agenda on one folio and a filigree for addendum on the right. It’s a nice accommodation for those who like ammo journaling but appetite a little added structure. 

In accession to the beyond planner, Rhodia makes a pocket-sized, 4-by-6-inch Webplanner.

Quo Vadis Account Business Artisan

Best for: Those who appetite a accurate layout, after quotes and prompts

Length: One year

Layout: Weekly

Format: Dated

Size: 4 by 6 inches

A well-designed, pocket-sized artisan from Quo Vadis, it has a textured, faux accoutrement cover. It’s attainable to go on the Quo Vadis website because it lays out all the options attainable for its planners: bookish or agenda year; daily, weekly, or account format; and small, medium, or ample size. The planner’s account blueprint is vertical, with scheduling amplitude from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. There are ample squares on the appropriate folio for added notes. The awning comes in several colors, and you can additionally acquisition the artisan in faux suede or bland faux accoutrement options. 

Though there isn’t a lot of added amplitude for addiction tracking, the aback of the artisan does accept some amplitude for claimed addendum and a map of the world’s time zones. 

Unsolicited Advice Artisan & Account

Best for: Bodies adorable for a fun artisan that still gets the job done

Length: One year

Layout: Weekly

Format: Dated

Size: 5.75 by 7.75 inches

A tongue-in-cheek artisan from artisan Adam J. Kurtz, this 228-page book is “more about claimed advance than productivity,” according to the website. While you get two pages per anniversary for the accepted scheduling or agitation list, there are additionally check-ins, places to address bottomward your life-changing playlists, and reminders that it’s World Coconut Day. There are additionally prompts for goals and check-ins, but the all-embracing vibe is beneath relentlessly airy than some added planners. (That can be a acceptable thing.) The awning is agilely coated cardstock, with an alien artificial area to accomplish it a bit added durable. 

The artisan additionally comes with 10 pages of stickers, which is consistently fun, alike aback they say, “Do not appetite to accord with this.” Kurtz said orders through his website address with a pencil, apply pin, postcard, and bookmark, while food last. 

Wit & Delight Stay on Clue Desktop Notepad

Best for: Bodies who appetite a desk-sized planner

Length: 180 weeks

Best Day Ever Wedding Invitation Templates

Best Day Ever Wedding Invitation Templates | 5.5 X 8.5 Wedding Invitation Template

Layout: Weekly

Format: Undated

Size: 8.9 by 10 inches

If you appetite a artisan that you can’t ignore, this board adaptation from Wit & Delight is a acceptable option. It’s undated, with 180 sheets. Anniversary folio has vertical amplitude for Monday through Friday. There aren’t Saturday and Sunday spots, but there’s a “home life” box that could assignment for weekend activities. There are additionally places for notes, projects, and big account items. 

How to accept a artisan

There are an cutting cardinal of artisan types. “I acclimated to try to aloof banal as abounding as possible, because it’s such a claimed thing,” said Chandra Greer, who owns Greer, a anchored abundance in Chicago, Illinois.

She eventually accomplished it was absurd to awning every abject and now aloof selects functional, affection options, alive they ability not be the appropriate fit for everyone. “I’m added absorbed in the action of it,” she said. “Is the blueprint useful? Is the blueprint well-designed? Is the cardboard great? Is it article that is activity to bear actuality your circadian acquaintance for 365 days?” 

To acquisition out what will assignment for you, you can alpha by addition out what qualities are best important to you. “I anticipate if you array of alpha with, ‘What is it that I appetite to use this for?’ that gives you a acceptable starting point,” said Alexandra Cavoulacos, architect of The Muse and columnist of “The New Rules of Work”.  You can alpha with architecture — daily, weekly, or account — and all-embracing length. Do you appetite to accumulate it to a few months for a specific project, or would you adopt article that gets you through a ages or alike longer? 

Daily, weekly, monthly

For some people, a artisan is alone a carriageable calendar, Cavoulacos said. “They appetite to apperceive area they charge to be, aback they accept a doctor’s appointment, those array of things,” she said. Added bodies appetite to clue projects and actualize agitation lists. The bulk of detail per day will alpha to behest how abundant amplitude you need. “There’s a hundred agency somebody ability agenda their day,” said Greer. Some bodies charge an hour-by-hour breakdown. If you’re mostly authoritative agitation lists, a account agenda ability work. If it’s added about befitting tabs on a few appointments, account ability work. 

“It’s all about what works for you,” said Cavoulacos. 

Dated or undated

There are abounding affidavit you ability adjudge to buy on undated calendar. “People ability adjudge on March 28th, they appetite a planner,” said Greer. “But if a artisan is dated, they’re already three months through the year.” With an undated planner, they can get added blast for the blade by accepting it backpack them through the abutting March. 

Another acumen ability be you apperceive yourself to be a arbitrary artisan user. If you accumulate it undated, you can consistently aces up area you larboard off after crumbling days’ account of paper. Bodies alive on a big project, planning a wedding, or absorption on a specific ambition ability additionally adopt an undated planner, for added adaptability or to accumulate aggregate independent to one book. 

Months or years

Some hyper-focused, circadian planners will alone aftermost a few months. It helps accumulate them from actuality too beefy and cumbersome. Others are abundant bigger picture, with five-year plans. In between, there are accepted annual planners and bookish versions, which tend to alpha in the summer or aboriginal fall. 

The alone affair that ability stop you from affairs an bookish artisan in January is that best manufacturers don’t accept the accepted year’s available, so you’re bigger off cat-and-mouse a few months for that. 

Horizontal or vertical

You’ll generally see account planers abiding with anniversary anniversary accoutrement two pages and the canicule advance out angular or vertically. Aback accession comes into Little Otsu adorable for a planner, Crown aboriginal asks, “Are you added of a task-oriented planner?” He thinks bodies with abundant schedules or continued agitation lists will adopt the cavalcade architecture of vertical layouts. Those who like authoritative addendum or doodling ability like the accumbent blueprint better. 

Some planners use a “dashboard” view, with a anniversary or day on one folio and the added committed to addiction trackers, acknowledgment prompts, and added fill-in-the blanks. 


Doctors, nurses, and chefs consistently appetite pocket-sized notebooks and planners, said Crown. You ability appetite article big abundant to authority your sprawling autography but baby abundant to backpack about in your purse or agent bag. Abounding artisan makers will action at atomic a brace choices aback in comes to size. 

Minimalist or abounding of prompts 

Planner artful ranges from actual barebones to abiding with extras. What you like is absolutely personal. You’ll acquisition affluence of basal books with a apparent awning and aloof the calendars. On the adverse end of the spectrum, you can get a artisan with quotes, charts, and check-ins. You may appetite article in between, with a appealing awning but few centralized embellishments. 

“You appetite your artisan to affect you, whatever that agency for you,” Cavoulacos said. That could beggarly a simple artisan with aught distractions, she said, or article with quotes and your astrometry that makes you attending advanced to aperture the book every day. “I do anticipate the array of artful piece, the afflatus piece, is additionally article that shouldn’t be forgotten,” she said.  

If you do appetite article added bare down, Greer suggests adorable to Japanese artisan makers. “You’re not activity to see little annual illustrations and little quotes and 85 pages of guided account meditation,” she said. “They accumulate it actual simple. They’re actual austere about it.” 

Both Greer and Cavoulacos point out that you can add your own quotes and personalizations to alike the best minimalist planner, as continued as there’s space. “It could become added of a person’s little command center,” said Greer. 

Paper quality

For some, the affection of a planner’s cardboard isn’t absolutely a factor. There are a few things to know, though. Two words that complete array of Halloween-ish but are absolutely advantageous to know, stationary-wise, are bleeding and ghosting. Bleeding is aback the ink leaks through. Ghosting is aback you cast the cardboard over and can see what’s written, alike admitting it hasn’t absolutely bled through. “Good paper, whether it’s attenuate or thick, doesn’t ghost,” Crown said. 

In abounding countries, bubbler pen use is abundant added boundless than in the United States. The cardboard fabricated there reflects that. “As a accepted rule, Japanese cardboard tends to be softer and smoother, and American cardboard is affectionate of the roughest — or we’d say the toothiest — and Europe’s affectionate of in the middle,” Crown said. 

“Fountain pen acceptance is a absolutely big factor,” Greer said. “It’s apparently the cardinal one catechism we get about any of our notebooks and planners, ‘Is the cardboard bubbler pen friendly?’ and not all affidavit are.” If cardboard affection is aerial on your account of importance, Greer suggests demography a abutting attending at who makes a planner. 

“I absolutely approach appear manufacturers who accept a accomplishments in paper,” she said. “So they’re not so abundant about actuality a artisan company. They’re about a notebook/paper aggregation that has planners.” Some of the manufacturers that accomplish planners with accomplished cardboard accommodate Midori, Paperways, Aerial Tide, and Kokuyo Jibun Techo, she said.  


Even if you’re not into paper, you’ll appetite to pay absorption to the cover’s material. Hardcovers will angle up to added abrasion and breach than softcovers. “Sometimes bodies will barter off that backbone for article that doesn’t amount actual abundant so, but absolutely bodies are expecting, aback they acquirement a planner, that it’s activity to get through the accomplished year and not attending like it was run over by a truck,” Greer said. 


It’s important that planners lie flat, aback you’re autograph in them. Abounding are circling bound, but others are stitch bound. Either will let you address on them, but you can cast one ancillary of the book abaft the added with a circling binding. “A lot of bodies are affectionate of aloof amid circling and stitch apprenticed now, as continued as it lies flat, because that’s absolutely what they’re adorable for,” Greer said. 

Discbound is agnate to a circling bound, but it’s a bit different. The pages in a discbound book can be calmly removed and put aback in, but you don’t accept to attainable the discs, as you would with a three-ring binder. Instead, there are little notches in the cardboard that fit about the disc. It makes planners added customizable, because you can apprenticed and calmly move pages from one area to another. 

Another affair with the bounden is whether it will accumulate the artisan calm for the accomplished year. Some glued-in pages ability not authority out as well. “If you accept article that’s stitch apprenticed or spiral, it’s actual athletic for the continued haul,” Greer said.

Bullet journaling 

Bullet journaling is a arrangement of tracking and arrest tasks, goals, and projects. It can be acclimated with basically any notebook, but it’s not for everyone. “I anticipate for some bodies you appetite the alert and you appetite the anatomy to adviser you because you’re not absolutely abiding how to adapt everything,” Cavoulacos said. 

“There’s a lot of anchored enthusiasts in the United States, and so there’s all these altered subcultures with bodies who are absolutely into authoritative their own amplitude on paper,” Crown said. “And that’s what ammo journaling is absolute for.” 

If you’ve never approved it, you can either alpha with an accustomed anthology you accept lying around. There are additionally affluence of amalgam options, with calendars and amplitude for addendum or ammo journaling. 


There ability be some little allowances with assertive planners that ability be deal-makers for you. Maybe you absolutely appetite a advanced abridged to accumulate added papers. Perhaps your adopt a artisan with an adaptable bandage to advice accumulate it closed. 

If the added that’s best alluring you is stickers, accumulate in apperception that you can apparently buy them separately.  

Why not aloof use your buzz as a agenda planner?

“I don’t necessarily anticipate a artisan is for everybody, aloof like any accurate abundance drudge or tool,” Cavoulacos said. There are affluence of bodies who adopt to accumulate their calendars and addendum carefully digital, and accepting a cardboard artisan ability not accomplish faculty for them. 

If you’re on the fence, she suggests allurement yourself what’s adorable about a cardboard planner. “I anticipate for a lot of bodies it’s slowing down, right?” Cavoulacos said. “It’s like the abridgement of distraction. It’s the moments to think, to cantankerous things off — the achievement of bridge things off.” 

Greer said she went through a few years area not abounding bodies were affairs planners. Now she’s seeing added barter who appetite article concrete to backpack about and address in. She alike gets tech workers affairs them. “They’re adage that their schedule’s added attainable to them in some ways, in agreement of accepting the big picture, if they’re application a concrete book,” Greer said. 

For Crown, it’s added claimed than a buzz calendar. “It’s your activity in a book,” he said. “That’s affectionate of what’s appropriate about them. The end of the year, you accept this book that was like, this is what I did. That’s article that the buzz doesn’t do that well.” 

5.5 X 8.5 Wedding Invitation Template
| Allowed to help our website, on this period We’ll explain to you concerning 5+ Best Picture 5.5 X 8.5 Wedding Invitation Template. And now, this can be the first impression:

Simple Wedding Invitation Template Minimalist Wedding  Etsy in

Simple Wedding Invitation Template Minimalist Wedding Etsy in | 5.5 X 8.5 Wedding Invitation Template


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