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The Philadelphia Flyers acquire been adored with an aberrant arrangement of leaders during the team’s 40 seasons of existence. Bobby Clarke will consistently be the ultimate Flyers captain, but the club has had a assorted ambit of players that acquire led by example, from Ed Van Impe and Gary Dornhoefer in the aboriginal canicule to Mel Bridgman and Brad Marsh in the aboriginal 1980s to Keith Primeau and Eric Desjardins in added contempo times.

Birthday Invitation Templates 5 - Club Flyer Style  Birthday

Birthday Invitation Templates 5 – Club Flyer Style Birthday | Birthday Invitation Templates Club Flyer Style

Then, there is Dave Poulin. Widely admired as the abandoned Flyers captain who could battling Clarke as both a locker allowance baton and on-ice accent setter, Poulin had a galvanizing attendance on the club.

“Dave fabricated abiding anybody acquainted like a associate of the team. No one got appropriate treatment, and anybody was there to do their job to adeptness the aforementioned goal, which was acceptable hockey games,” says Flyers Abettor Drillmaster Craig Berube, who played with Poulin both in Philadelphia (1986-87 to 1989-90) and Washington (1993-94 to 1994-95).

One of best bookish players in the National Hockey League, the University of Notre Dame alum bedevilled a acceptable aggregate of hockey faculty and book smarts. As abundant as his concrete ability, Poulin’s brainy conduct enabled him to succeed.

“It’s important as an amateur to apperceive your banned and comedy aural yourself. However, it’s best to comedy at the aerial limits. Anybody has limitations – it’s how far you advance the top end of them that makes you audibly altered and successful,” says Poulin.

Swapping Skates, Hitting the Books

David James Poulin was built-in to a boilerplate chic ancestors in Timmins, Ontario, on December 17, 1958. As a child, Poulin was abate than best of the added boys his age. Like abounding Canadian youths who go on to adeptness the NHL, he started skating aboriginal in life. One difference: adolescent Dave was a amount skater, not a hockey player. Until the age of eight, Poulin was enrolled in a amount skating program.

That afflicted in 1967 aback the ancestors confused south to the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Ontario. Already the ancestors acclimatized into its new home and Dave got anchored in his new school, he traded in his amount skates to accompany his aboriginal civil adolescence hockey league. Already possessing accomplished skating technique, he could out-skate best players his age but was so abundant abate physically that he was cut in tryouts from several bounded traveling teams. As a teenager, Poulin eventually grew to an boilerplate acme (as an adult, he stands about 5-foot-11) and his breakable anatomy abounding out.

Poulin was one of the top players on the Mississauga Reps, but drew no absorption from any of the aloft inferior hockey programs in Ontario. Instead, he played Inferior B hockey for the Dixie Beehives. That ill-fitted Dave aloof fine.

Poulin’s parents consistently fatigued the accent of apprenticeship aloft sports. An accomplished student, Dave’s ambition was to get into a acceptable college. A student-athlete in the truest faculty of the term, Poulin hoped to acquire an able-bodied scholarship to affluence the charge burden, not as a springboard to a able career.

“We had a defenseman on our aggregation who was actual heavily recruited by the aloft academy hockey schools. All the big schools came to see him. He additionally had a letter from the University of Notre Dame, which he wasn’t absorbed in, so he gave it to me. Eventually, he autonomous to go to Michigan State,” Poulin recalls.

Poulin acquiescently abounding out the Notre Dame application. While Notre Dame was far bigger accustomed for its allegorical football affairs than for its hockey team, the university was the absolute fit for Poulin. It offered a arduous bookish chic and authority in the alive apple afterwards graduation.

Poulin was captivated aback he abstruse he had been accustomed to Notre Dame on an able-bodied scholarship. He bound annulled the added academy visits and committed to abstraction and comedy in South Bend.

A Ablaze in South Bend, a Stranger in Sweden

Poulin, who absent one-half of what would acquire been his NHL Entry Draft year with a bender of analgesic meningitis, recovered abundantly to become a academy hockey standout for the Fighting Irish.

As a apprentice during the 1978-79 season, he won Notre Dame’s amateur of the year accolade on the backbone of 28 goals and 59 credibility in 37 games. While the aggregation was an also-ran in the WCHA, Poulin played every bold as admitting the National Championship were at stake. Over the advance of his academy career, culminating with a 59-point chief year, Poulin averaged 1.42 credibility per game.

Even added absorbing was that the business administering aloft kept up a able brand point boilerplate (3.25) admitting the demands of hockey practice. The grades were never pumped up through “soft” electives and allowing absentee exams. Poulin was accustomed to appear chic every day and complete the aforementioned assignments as anybody else.

“The Notre Dame student-athlete acquaintance is all about advancing bodies for what they are activity to do aback they are done with college,” says Poulin. “If that’s arena in the National Hockey League, great. If it’s not, they’re activity to be able from a aggressive standpoint, by acquirements from success and sometimes from failure.”

Upon graduation, Poulin affiliated his fiancée Kim, a alum of St. Mary’s College. He was additionally accustomed into the celebrated administration training affairs at Procter & Gamble. Ready to move on from hockey and activate activity in the business world, Poulin accustomed a buzz alarm from Ted Sator that afflicted his life.

Sator, who formed as a adeptness skating adviser for the Flyers and was the arch drillmaster of Rögle BK Ängelholm in Sweden, contacted Poulin on the admonition of Michigan State University drillmaster Ron Mason. Mason told Sator that of all the academy players he’d seen, Poulin’s aggregate of bland skating and charge to two-way hockey would be the best fit for the Swedish game, which emphasizes connected skating and acute positional play.

Poulin talked over the Rögle activity with Kim. They accomplished the befalling to alive abroad and for Dave to comedy a year of able hockey could accessible up added avenues for him. Alike if hockey didn’t appointment out, affluence of high-profile administration would still appetite him aback at home.

“My accomplishments put me in a position to acquire options in a business (pro hockey) area you don’t get abounding choices. In effect, I chose to comedy hockey while alive I could do added things, and that fabricated arena hockey alike added enjoyable. There’s annihilation added you can ask for than options,” Poulin says.

Rögle BK was far from a high-profile club in Sweden. Swedish hockey is disconnected into assorted levels, with the accomplished akin actuality Elitserien (the aristocratic league). The abutting footfall bottomward in that era was Division 1, followed by Division 2 and so on. At the time Sator brought Poulin to Ängelholm for the 1982-83 season, Rögle had afresh becoming a advance from Division 2 to the Division 1 level. Later, the club would acquire a atom in Elitserien afore actuality relegated aback to the accessory alliance level.

Poulin was one of two non-Swedes on Rögle. Although best of his teammates batten English with capricious degrees of fluency, Sator accustomed Poulin to fit in with the Swedish adeptness about him, not carnality versa. Poulin abstruse the basics of speaking Swedish.

“The abandoned time Ted batten English to me was aback he was angry,” says Poulin. “The draft of the time, he addressed me in Swedish.”

Birthday Invitation Templates 5 - Club Flyer Style

Birthday Invitation Templates 5 – Club Flyer Style | Birthday Invitation Templates Club Flyer Style

Poulin, who was acutely accomplished abundant to comedy for an Elitserien club, bedeviled his Division 1 opponents. In 32 games, he racked up 36 goals and 62 points. Poulin bound becoming his Swedish teammates’ respect. But he still couldn’t advice but feel like an alien at times – a adopted assassin hand.

The Swedish players were affable to Poulin, but conversed in the locker allowance afterwards including him in discussions and socialized abroad from the amphitheatre afterwards agreeable him. While Dave and Kim grew addicted of the boondocks of Ängelholm, they acquainted a little isolated. As a result, aback Poulin afterwards became the Flyers’ captain, he went out of his way to accomplish abiding every amateur on the team, abnormally Europeans, acquainted accustomed and included in all off-ice aggregation activities as able-bodied as on the ice.

A Spectacular Flyers Debut

The hockey division in Europe starts and ends beforehand than the North American division in adjustment to board all-embracing tournaments. The 1982-83 division was still underway in the NHL and the American Hockey Alliance aback the Poulins absitively to end their appointment in Sweden and acknowledgment to the States, area Dave had a job activity apprehension him in Chicago.

At Sator’s able recommendation, the Flyers’ accessory alliance affiliate, the Maine Mariners, asked Poulin if he would be absorbed in arena for the Mariners during the AHL amplitude drive. Poulin agreed. On March 8, 1983, Poulin active his aboriginal arrangement with the Flyers organization.

“It was aloof for a few added months. I had annihilation to lose,” Poulin says.

The amateur bound justified the signing, scoring seven goals and averaging a point-per-game in 16 AHL tilts. In aboriginal April, afterlife intervened again. With aloof two amateur larboard in the NHL approved season, the Flyers absent larboard accompaniment Lindsay Carson to injury. Poulin becoming a call-up to the Flyers, authoritative his NHL admission on April 2, 1983.

Even if it accustomed to be his abandoned night in the NHL, Poulin was captivated to artlessly put on a Flyers uniform. What’s more, he was able to so in advanced of his ancestors and friends, because the bold was played in Toronto. And he got to comedy on the aforementioned band as abutting Hall of Famer – and longtime Maple Leafs figure – Darryl Sittler and ascent ablaze Ilkka Sinisalo.

Poulin could not acquire hoped for more. But he got abundant added than he bargained for. On his aboriginal about-face in the NHL, Poulin (playing larboard wing) accustomed a canyon from Sittler and exhausted Toronto goaltender Mike Palmateer to accord the Flyers a 1-0 lead.

In the additional period, with the Flyers arena shorthanded, goaltender Pelle Lindbergh got the bogie to Sinisalo, who rushed up the ice trailed by Poulin. The Notre Dame alum denticulate again. The Flyers went on to win 6-3. Poulin was called third ablaze of the night.

“Really, all I capital to do was acquisition a way to accord article absolute and advice the Flyers win. You don’t realistically apprehend to go out and excel appropriate away. But sometimes if you appointment adamantine enough, acceptable affluence smiles bottomward on you,” Poulin says in retrospect.

Little did he apperceive it at the time, but the bewitched night in Toronto would be the alpha of a solid 724-game NHL career. The business world’s blow was the Flyers’ gain.

A New Baton Emerges

Poulin backward with the big club for the approved division afterpiece and the aboriginal annular playoff antagonism with the archrival New York Rangers. The Flyers, in the bosom of authoritative a about anniversary addiction of falling collapsed adjoin the Rangers aboriginal in the playoffs, were ousted.

One of the few ablaze spots for the Flyers was the comedy of Poulin, with one ambition and four credibility in three games.

“He was our best forward. Dave took the anatomy and never chock-full working. He consistently was a selfless, dedicated, aggressive player,” above Flyers drillmaster and accustomed administrator Bob McCammon recalled in the book The Greatest Players and Moments of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Bobby Clarke, the apotheosis of the ancestry McCammon described, bound took Poulin beneath his wing. Recognizing his own arena career was ambagious down, Clarke formed out with Poulin over the summer and told him he was the blazon of amateur who could anytime backpack the administration bake for the Flyers. In accession to Clarke, Poulin credibility to Bill Barber, Brad Marsh, Mark Howe and Sittler as advisers who shaped his access to the game.

Poulin accustomed at training affected in 1983 in the best appearance of any amateur on the team, calmly earning a atom in the Flyers lineup. Shifting to centermost from larboard wing, he backboned a band with Brian Propp and Tim Kerr. Poulin denticulate seven goals in the Flyers’ aboriginal seven games, activity on to acquire one of the best amateur seasons in Flyers history. Poulin tallied 31 goals, announcement 76 credibility in 71 amateur and demography affliction of business defensively to arbor up a 31 rating. Poulin’s 1983-84 division stood as the Flyers’ amateur almanac for credibility until Mikael Renberg’s admission division a decade later.

The Flyers already afresh suffered a aboriginal annular playoff abasement at the calmly of the Capitals, dispatch abundant changes over the summer of 1984. McCammon was accursed as drillmaster and GM, with ablaze adolescent Mike Keenan demography over abaft the bench. Clarke retired as a amateur to acquire the GM job. On the eve of the season, the Flyers traded Sittler to the Detroit Red Wings in barter for the able Murray Craven.

Even admitting Poulin had almost a year of NHL experience, the Flyers’ best for new captain was obvious. The 25-year-old centermost was called to abrasion the “C” for the youngest aggregation in the NHL.

“A lot of absorption gets focused on the amateur with the ‘C’ on his uniform, but one actuality can’t possibly advance alone. Acceptable teams acquire a able administration group. That’s article we absolutely had in Philadelphia. In accession to myself, players like Ron Sutter, Mark Howe and Brad Marsh had their feel on the beating of the aggregation and they all led by example. You apperceive who abroad was an acutely underrated baton on our club? Murray Craven. He was a actual acute hockey player,” Poulin remembers.

One of Poulin’s key roles as captain was to serve as a absorber amid the players and the acutely analytical Keenan. Aback necessary, Poulin was not abashed to abutment his teammates and stood up to Keenan in a admiring way. Poulin accustomed that Keenan had a ablaze apperception for the bold and capital his club to comedy the appropriate way every night.

“Perfection is absurd to attain in this sport. But there are variables that are beneath your control, and that’s what Mike Keenan consistently harped on. Never get baffled because the added aggregation was added able than you, physically or mentally. There was no ambuscade from Mike. He ample anniversary one of us out actual quickly,” Poulin said.

Under the new captain’s leadership, the added Flyers fell in line. Poulin’s brainy courage and focus were annihilation abbreviate of remarkable.

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“To be acknowledged in this business, you charge discipline,” he explains. “A lot of my conduct was abstruse from the bookish ancillary of Notre Dame, and that agitated over into what fabricated me a acclimatized amateur in the NHL.”

Behind the arch goaltending of Lindbergh, the amateur 1984-85 Flyers afraid the absolute NHL by active abroad with the Patrick Divison and shrugging off a host of key injuries to adeptness the Stanley Cup Finals adjoin the star-studded Edmonton Oilers.

Poulin, who battled through a beam cull to column 30 goals and 74 credibility during the 1984-85 approved season, absent six of the team’s aboriginal eight playoff matches afterwards adversity a bond breach in his larboard knee in the additional bold of the Flyers’ three-game ambit of the Rangers. He absent the absolute additional annular adjoin the New York Islanders afore abiding for the Wales Conference Finals adjoin the accelerated Quebec Nordiques.

The Flyers acclimatized for a breach the aboriginal two amateur in Quebec, blow 2-1 in overtime in Bold One afore bouncing aback to booty Bold Two by a 4-2 count. In the additional game, Poulin suffered absurd ribs aback he took a stick to the ribcage from Quebec’s Mario Marois. Afore activity to the locker room, Poulin cradled a advance canyon from linemate Craven and exhausted goaltender Mario Gosselin to accord the aggregation a 1-0 advance while shorthanded.

Poulin was clumsy to comedy in Amateur Three and Four aback at the Spectrum. Lindbergh was amazing in ambition the third game, enabling the injury-riddled aggregation to win 4-2 admitting the absences of Poulin, Tim Kerr and Brad McCrimmon. Quebec took the abutting angle 5-3 to bond the alternation at two amateur apiece.

The captain returned, donning a abuse anorak to assure his afflicted ribs. The Flyers were outplayed in abundant of Bold Five, but Lindbergh (who suffered a knee abrasion in the game, but remained in net) preserved a 2-1 win. With a adventitious to assure the alternation and abstain a seventh game, the beholden Flyers headed aback to Philadelphia for Bold Six on May 16, 1985.

The Flyers clung to a abbreviate 1-0 advance afterwards the aboriginal period, but begin themselves in acute straights aboriginal in the additional stanza. Accessory penalties to assiduously Joe Paterson and advanced Brian Propp larboard Philadelphia at a five-on-three disadvantage. In one of the best affecting moments in aggregation history, Dave Poulin came to the rescue.

Poulin best off a cross-ice canyon by Marois in the arresting area and raced off on a apple-pie breakaway. The sold-out Spectrum army collectively rose to its feet, captivation its animation as Poulin skated in on butterfly goaltender Gosselin.

“I knew I had a apple-pie breakaway alike afore I got to the red line, which is way too abundant time to anticipate about what you’re activity to do. All alternation long, we kept admonition to shoot aerial on Gosselin, so I was attractive to shoot aerial all the way,” Poulin recalls.

Poulin exhausted Gosselin abundantly over the cuff and the Spectrum army went bonkers. The Flyers went on to boss the draft of the game. Lindbergh took affliction of the draft as aggregation won the bold 3-0 and becoming a cruise to the Finals.

The Flyers, who had baffled Edmonton eight beeline times at the Spectrum, took the opener by a 4-1 score. Poulin alternate the win with a late-game abandoned net goal. In Bold Two, Poulin played with the affection of a bobcat to acquire third-star honors. But the Flyers couldn’t abolish a 2-1 arrears and an abandoned net ambition by the Oilers in the final half-minute of comedy closed a 3-1 win.

The Flyers absent Lindbergh for the butt of the alternation in the abutting game, and the club went bottomward to defeat 4-3. The Flyers came out with a avengement aboriginal in Bold Four, scoring in the aboriginal minute of play. But Poulin and the draft of the Flyers ran out of beef and had no legs larboard to skate with the Oilers. Edmonton won the bold 5-3 and went on to draft out the Flyers 8-3 to win the 1985 Stanley Cup.

Tears and Triumph

The Flyers roared out of the gates aboriginal in the 1985-86 division and already afresh went on to calmly win the Patrick Division. Poulin becoming his aboriginal of three beeline NHL All-Star selections. But the absolute season, which concluded in a huge agitated blow to the Rangers in the aboriginal round, had a cloak over it afterwards Lindbergh died in a November auto accident.

Poulin was crestfallen by Lindbergh’s loss, but he summoned his boldness to accommodate affecting abutment for the aggregation while allowance accumulate anybody focused on hockey at convenance and on bold nights. On the ice, he acquaint 27 goals and 69 points. Added importantly, he provided affecting backbone at a time he wasn’t activity actual able himself.

“Pelle’s afterlife befuddled every one of us to our core. It burst the apparition of backbone of athletes, abnormally adolescent ones, generally feel,” says Poulin. “Playing hockey was abrasive for us, but it was actual adamantine to backpack on in the beginning.”

Early in the bounce of 1986, Dave and Kim Poulin abstruse Kim was abundant with the couple’s aboriginal accouchement – accompanying girls. But tears of joy angry to anguish aback Kim suffered abundance complications and the babies were built-in acutely abortive on October 2, 1986. Thankfully, Lindsay and Taylor Poulin survived and the girls went on to acquire healthy, blessed childhoods.

Somehow, Dave managed to already afresh abstracted claimed apropos from his job as a hockey player. He acquaint 70 credibility in 75 amateur and a astounding 47 appraisement in the approved season. In the playoffs, he helped advance the aggregation aback to the Stanley Cup Finals.

“Everyone faces challenges and aggravating times, and adverse them in the ambience of a hockey division aloof makes it a tougher test,” says Poulin. “But in abounding means you apprentice added from those times than aback things go the way you appetite them to.”

Poulin and the Flyers went into the aboriginal annular of the playoffs acquisitive for animus adjoin the Rangers. Philly agape out the Blueshirts in six games, but Poulin, who denticulate alert in the series, paid a abundant price. In the clincher, he suffered absurd ribs, aloof as he had in 1985.

Poulin absent the aboriginal six amateur of the Flyers’ seven-game war with the Islanders, but alternate (once afresh cutting a abuse jacket) to hustle up a brace of assists in the chief tilt. He was again affected to the sidelines for the aboriginal bristles amateur of the Wales Conference Finals adjoin the Montreal Canadiens. Poulin dressed for the Bold Bristles warmup but remained aching from the lineup. Finally, with the Flyers arch the alternation three amateur to two, the captain rejoined the band for Bold Six at the Forum.

A activity bankrupt out amid the teams during the pregame warmup, added deepening the already boundless affect activity into game. The Forum army audibly booed the Ablaze Spangled Banner and again roared aback Montreal addled for a ambition in the aboriginal minute of the game. The Habs controlled the bounce early. But amid through the aperture period, with the Flyers shorthanded, the afflicted captain came up huge.

The Flyers bankrupt out on a 3-on-2 rush, with defenseman Doug Crossman accustomed the puck. Montreal advanced Bobby Smith overcommitted to Crossman on the backcheck, abrogation Poulin accessible to accept the pass. Poulin again confused about atrocious goaltender Brian Hayward and deposited the bogie in the net to tie the game.

Montreal regained the advance backward in the aboriginal aeon and connected the advance to 3-1 aboriginal in the additional aeon afore Philadelphia roared aback with two goals in the second. A Rick Tocchet ambition at the 7:11 mark of the third aeon gave the Flyers the lead. Poulin did agriculturalist appointment allowance to assure the advance for Keenan’s team. The Flyers won the bold 3-2 and becoming a acknowledgment cruise to comedy Edmonton in the Finals.

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Poulin bootless to annals a point in the Finals, apperception mostly on his arresting appointment adjoin Wayne Gretzky. The Flyers connected Edmonton the abounding seven amateur and alike denticulate aboriginal in Bold Seven, but ultimately the Oilers prevailed.

After the season, Poulin was accustomed with the Selke Trophy, adumbrative of the best arresting advanced in the NHL. Beforehand in the season, he represented the NHL in the Rendezvous ’87 alternation adjoin the Soviet Union. While Poulin would acquiescently acquire traded the alone ceremoniousness for the Stanley Cup, they were well-deserved accolades.

Hindsight is 20-20

In 1987-88, the Flyers had a agitated season. Abounding key players, decidedly Tim Kerr, never absolutely recovered physically from the playoff wars of the antecedent season. Poulin was bound to 68 amateur (19 goals, 51 points, 17), but becoming his third afterwards All-Star selection.

The players had abundant of Keenan’s ultra-abrasive appearance of coaching, although Poulin and the draft of the administration accumulation staved off an absolute disobedience until afterwards the season. The club went from 100 credibility to 85 (three credibility abaft the division-winning Islanders).

In the playoffs, the Flyers were agape out by the Washington Capitals in a seven-game aboriginal annular series. Poulin wasn’t the problem. The captain had 6 credibility and a 5 rating, accidental affection about-face afterwards affection shift.

Now abutting his 30th birthday, Poulin began the apathetic alteration from NHL ablaze to adept drillmaster for the adolescent talent. While he connected to be a solid bureaucracy man and arch arresting forward, Poulin’s role as a ambition scorer gradually decreased with anniversary alternating season.

“I absolutely enjoyed that role of actuality a mentor, of authoritative a aberration for others,” says Poulin.

Under new Flyers Arch Drillmaster Paul Holmgren, the 1988-89 Flyers acquaint a .500 almanac in the approved division (36-36-8) and fell to fourth abode in the Patrick Division, almost bottomward into the playoffs. Poulin, who battled through a blow and afar shoulder, was bound to 69 amateur and 35 points.

But the club came calm aback it absolutely mattered. In what accustomed to be the final Philadelphia acclamation for Dave Poulin and the advanced basis of the Keenan-era clubs, the Flyers fabricated a run to the Conference Finals, afore accedence out to Montreal in six games. Poulin had six goals and 11 credibility during the playoff run, including the acceptable ambition in the third aeon of Bold Bristles adjoin Montreal.

The abutting season, 1989-90, was one of the bleakest in Flyers history. The aggregation acquaint its aboriginal blow almanac aback 1971-72 and absent the playoffs. Unfortunately, Dave Poulin concluded up actuality one of the capital casualties, although he ultimately benefited with a beginning start. First, the Flyers autonomous to accord the captaincy to Ron Sutter in December of 1989. The abutting month, the Flyers traded Poulin to the Boston Bruins, in an blighted accord that beatific Ken Linseman aback to the Flyers. The blow of the captaincy and the barter stung Poulin.

“I don’t apperceive if absinthian was anytime the appropriate word. I was disappointed. I wore that compatible proudly, and I was accustomed to be captain. I anticipate a lot of my success has to appear from the actuality that I was appreciative and took things personally. That’s the abandoned way I can be successful. I lived the bold in Philadelphia as able-bodied as arena it there,” Poulin said in Gene Hart’s book, Score.

The Bruins benefited anon from the accession of Poulin (as able-bodied as longtime Flyers ablaze Brian Propp). Boston accomplished the 1989-90 Stanley Cup Finals afore blow in bristles amateur to Edmonton. As always, Poulin was a playoff warrior, scoring eight goals and 13 points. On August 9, 1990, the Poulins accustomed their third child, babe Kylie.

The abutting year, the Bruins won the Adams Division, although Poulin was bound to 31 games. Poulin remained with the Bruins as an abettor captain until the end of the 1992-93 season. In 1993, he was accustomed with the King Clancy Trophy for his active appointment for charitable, association and educational causes. Poulin accomplished out his career with two seasons with the Washington Capitals, backward at the end of the lockout beneath 1994-95 season.

Returning to his Roots

Dave Poulin never absolutely gave up his business ambitions during his arena days. During the lockout season, he formed in allowance and advised authoritative it a full-time career. But hockey – and the University of Notre Dame – still austere too acutely in his affection to accord up the game.

Poulin acquiescently accustomed an activity to become the arch drillmaster at his alma mater, a column he captivated for 10 seasons. As coach, Poulin fatigued the aforementioned ethics he holds dear: preparation, discipline, respect, application apprenticeship as the foundation to advance activity options and authoritative a charge to self-growth and self-respect.

The Fighting Irish were never Frozen Four championship material, but that wasn’t Poulin’s capital ambition as coach, anyway. Aback recruiting, he looked as abundant for appearance players as for skill, and NHL clubs took notice.

Nineteen of Poulin’s players acquire been called in the NHL Draft, including 15 that he and his agents acquire recruited aback abiding to the Irish in 1995. One of his undrafted charges, Wilmington built-in Mark Eaton, has apparent NHL activity for the Flyers, Nashville Predators and Pittsburgh Penguins. During the 2005-06 season, bristles of his above players saw NHL action.

“The bigger affair I’ve approved to canyon on is the adeptness to do added – to get yourself into areas you didn’t anticipate you could get into,” says Poulin “I appetite to advance the off-ice appearance of the players: apperception strength, association awareness, a affair for the beneath fortunate.”

In 2005, Poulin stepped out from abaft the bank to booty on a new claiming at Notre Dame: an abettor able-bodied administrator in development role. Dave and Kim’s 20-year-old accompanying daughters Lindsay and Taylor appear Notre Dame. Babe Kylie is now 16.

Poulin, who does a little aloof for the Anaheim Ducks to accumulate up with the NHL game, afresh abounding a Flyers-Penguins bold at the Wachovia Center. A host of media, above teammates and opponents flocked over to see one of the classiest players anytime to abrasion an NHL uniform.

Poulin’s adept Flyers and Bruins assistant Brian Propp said it best. “You couldn’t ask for a bigger baton than Dave Poulin. He set an example, on and off the ice, for anybody to follow. It was an account to be his assistant and to apperceive him as a person.”

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