Awesome Formal Retirement Invitation Template

Awesome Formal Retirement Invitation Template –


Black and Foil Retirement invitations For a formal retirement

Black and Foil Retirement invitations For a formal retirement | Formal Retirement Invitation Template

farewell party invitation letter example  Tarjetas de invitación

farewell party invitation letter example Tarjetas de invitación | Formal Retirement Invitation Template

Retirement Party Invitation Template Microsoft  Retirement party

Retirement Party Invitation Template Microsoft Retirement party | Formal Retirement Invitation Template

Last Sunday, (November 22, 2020) was a different day of celebrity and aberrant equanimity, for the Muslim Ummah of South west Nigeria (MUSWEN. That was the day that a new President emerged for that Awning anatomy of the absolute Muslims in that region. The name of the new President, whose choice was absolutely ratified by MUSWEN’s General Assembly, is Alhaji Rasaki Oladejo, an economist of all-embracing blemish and a aloft President of Nawair-Ud-Deen Association of Nigeria who was additionally the Chairman of Finance Committee of Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Diplomacy (NSCIA).

By his emergence, as President of MUSWEN and the academic accepting of his choice as Deputy President General of NSCIA, Alhaji Oladejo has become a almsman to Dr. Sakariyau Olayiwola Babalola, OON, who demised in October 2019. Thus, he now is the third absolute President of MUSWEN and the third Deputy President General (South) of NSCIA.

MUSWEN’s General Assembly additionally ratified the choice of Alhaji Rafiu Ebiti, a Fellow of Chartered Accountant (FCA) and Chairman of MUSWEN’s Finance Committee, as the Aboriginal Deputy President of MUSWEN.

The accepting of Alhaji Oladejo’s choice as Deputy President General of NSCIA was in acknowledgment to NSCIA’s, official appeal for such choice from MUSWEN, beforehand this year.

Who is Alhaji Rasaki Oladejo?

Since this man’s actualization as President of MUSWEN and the accepted accepting of his choice as Deputy President General of NSCIA aloof aftermost Sunday, abounding bodies acquire been calling castigation aboveboard to bare his identity/profile for accessible assessment. But the amplitude actuality is not abundant to affectation such contour as requested. Abounding occasions are still lying advanced to accreditation that, in the abreast future, in sha’Allah.

However, if a arresting Muslim of that cachet has been able abundant to represent Nigeria at the Apple Bank and All-embracing Monetary Fund (IMF), as Deputy Director General of Nigeria’s Stock Exchange, and, he has auspiciously served as a two agreement President of Nawair-ud-Deen Association of Nigeria as able-bodied as Chairman of Finance Committee of NSCIA, what added accomplishment can be bare for his accessible assessment? Afterwards all, he is the accepted Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Lagos Muslim Alumni Association.


Instead of announcement Alhaji Oldejo’s cardboard accomplishment here, why don’t we appraise him (for now) through the accommodation of his  accepting Speech, at MUSWEN’s General Assembly, area his choice was ratified? That accepting accent does not abandoned allege volumes about his personality and focus, it additionally confirms who he absolutely is intellectually and administratively. In added words, cardboard accomplishment is aloof like the awning which does not necessarily accomplish the Monk. If you appetite to apperceive some accommodation about this man, please, apprehend an extract from his accepting accent of aftermost Sunday, as presented below.

His Accepting Speech

”….In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful!

After protocols were appropriately observed, the accent went thus:

”…….Please, let me alpha with announcement of a abstruse acknowledgment to the Almighty Allah, the Omnipresent the Omnipotent who bears no adolescent and was not born. Whenever He (Allah) wants article done, He abandoned commands it to be and it automatically becomes. It is abandoned by His consummate adroitness that we are all aggregate actuality today, to attestant this abundant occasion. After His grace, annihilation can be accessible in the activity of man.

Allah Akbar!

Retirement Party Invitation Wording

Retirement Party Invitation Wording | Formal Retirement Invitation Template


Until a brace of weeks ago, aback I accustomed an allurement from MUSWEN to appear and  serve Islam in a accurate capacity, it was far aloft my dream or imagination, to angle afore this different Assembly of Muslim Who’s Who in the South West of Nigeria, in acknowledgment to the ‘summon’ that brought me actuality today.  My plan, afterwards retirement and accomplishment of septuagenarian age, some years ago, was

to sit back, at home, with  attenuate relaxation, and booty a clandestine accessory appearance of my life’s odyssey, in the accomplished 60 or 65 years, with a appearance to transforming the acquaintance garnered during that aeon into a appropriate academy area today’s adolescent Muslims could

learn the art of ascent the pyramid of activity as a breastwork for the Muslim ancestors of tomorrow.

It was through a window on that pyramid, during my alive days, in the 1950s/60s, that I was able to see the airy activity appearance of our own generation, partly as a admonishing on the vanity of animal wishes and partly as an beforehand for paving a absolute way for others in life. That was my akin calendar in retirement. But, as we all know, man abandoned proposes while Allah disposes.


Today’s Annual General Assembly is both a applied chestnut and a alive admonition of agnate assemblies of awful accurate and accurately guided Muslim elites at the alpha of the 20th century.

Although those elites were actual few in cardinal and they grossly lacked the appropriate accessories for architecture a  befitting avant-garde Muslim Association of their desire, the  able will and assurance that propelled their accomplished intention, at that time, was the catalyst that gingered them to actualize a aces bequest which eventually became a aces ancestry for us today.

It was the able foundation laid by those elites that fabricated it accessible for best of us actuality today, to be accomplished in the Western way after angrily acceptable Christians.

Today, we can allocution of all-over Muslim schools and Muslim agents with delight. We can appear Muslim Hospitals and argue Muslim Doctors/Nurses confidently after suspicion. Our accouchement can appear Muslim Universities and be accomplished by Muslim Professors with trust. Young Muslim job seekers can administer and be alive in Muslim companies and be accomplished by Muslim Professionals. Male and changeable Muslim parents can be associates of applicable Muslim Organizations in which competent Muslim administrators can serve as their models. All these are now calmly accomplished with pride. Alhamdu liLlah!

Potent Question

However, after the aloft mentioned solid foundation laid by those awful committed beforehand Muslim elites, which now serves as a arrangement for our generation, how could we acquire accomplished the accurately guided accomplishment that makes us the qualitative Muslims that we are today, abandoned and collectively?

The aloft anecdotal adventure has appear to anatomy an enduring annal in the abreast history of Islam in Nigeria with enduring appulse on the present adherents of that all-powerful religion. Alhamdu liLllah.

That we are practicing Islam in Nigeria, today, after any abhorrence of browbeating and any recourse to the benevolence of non-Muslims is a bright affirmation that our airy building is based on a appalling foundation. Alhamdu liLlah!

Our Own Era

Now, this is our own era in history. We met a solid foundation on arena and we congenital a befitting building on it. That is how to about-face a aces bequest into a aces heritage. But, then, in our own activity time, that aforementioned edifice, of which we are actual proud, is fast acceptable broken-down while we accumulate basking vaingloriously in the bliss of the past. At any time of animal life, change is a above forerunner of progress. After change, any dream of beforehand may end up in a nightmare. Alike the Almighty Allah emphasizes this in Chaper 13 Verse 11 of the Qur’an thus:

“Allah does not change the bearings of a association unless the bodies of such a Association change their aberrant attitude to life….”

Formation of MUSWEN

Just over a decade ago, some anxious Muslim Elites, in this aforementioned South West of Nigeria, came calm as brothers and sisters, to added beforehand the activity of the building congenital on the absolute solid foundation, by firming together, the assorted flanks of that edifice, in the name of MUSWEN, for the purpose of accord of the Ummah. Thus, today, we acquire an aberrant affinity awning that gives the South West Muslims a civic character not abandoned in name but additionally in action. Today, the role of MUSWEN in Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Diplomacy (NSCIA) is appreciably exemplary. Alhamdu liLllah!

His Eminence

With the accepted Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence, Dr. Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, CFR, mni, as President General of Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Diplomacy (NSCIA), no 18-carat Muslim of account in Nigeria or alike abroad, today, can agnosticism the actuality that we, indeed, acquire a abundant leader. At least, we, in the South West of Nigeria, could not acquire forgotten, so soon, the role which His Eminence played in burying the berry of a appalling Muslim accord in this region, at the commencement of MUSWEN, actuality in Ibadan, in August, 2008. And anytime since, His Eminence has not relented a bit, in auspicious the formation and aliment of that berry into a gargantuan timberline that MUSWEN has become today.


Today, activity by the trend of accord and its accessory beforehand of MUSWEN, it is ambiguous that the Muslims in the South West of Nigeria would acquire accomplished the appalling alternate cooperation with added regions, which we proudly adore today, by the adroitness of Allah, to the annoyance backbiting of those who are now clearly uncomfortable.  It is, therefore, the assignment and albatross of MUSWEN, to assignment assiduously, appear the alliance of the factors which brought that civic Muslim accord about and may become a adequate ancestry for our accouchement and added approaching generations. As a bounded body, we acquire a above pale in the accelerating abundance of the NSCIA as the accepted braiding that binds  us calm and strengthens us to jointly  authority the banderole of Islam aloft in Nigeria, in animosity of the acerb song of ‘Islamization’ generally chorused agilely in assertive abode to abstract the Muslims through the after-effects of Higerian media.

As Muslims in Nigeria, in Africa or alike in the absolute world, we acquire a distinct anatomy with a distinct mission which we cannot allow to abandon at any moment, for any reason.

Let us consistently adjure for our leaders’ all-powerful advice after any atom of affiliated or denominational aptitude in mind. We should not balloon that in Islam, accomplishments are advised by intention. God absolve our leaders with continued lives and complete bloom that they may be able to abide any bull aberration while accomplishment advanced with their alluringly guided intention.


As a Muslim and an beholden almsman of wisdom, courage, ability and sacrifices of the leaders who laid foundation for us, aloft which to anatomy added beforehand and development for Islam, in this region, I hereby address the abidingness of the alive leaders of the accomplished and those of the present who abide adamant in their committed account to the beforehand of Islam after absorbed any arresting or airy allowance surreptitiously erected on their ways. I, particularly, address the Sultan of Sokoto and President General of NSCIA for aerodynamics the diplomacy of Nigerian Muslim Ummah nationally and absolutely admitting the casual missiles of  blame hauled at his awful admirable position, from assertive atrocious quarters.

I address the backward Professor Aliu Babatunde Fafunwa, a onetime Nigerian Minister of Education, who as the avant-garde President of MUSWEN, laid a appalling foundation for that aberrant edifice.

I address our awful conscionable father, Justice Tijani Bolarinwa Babalakin, who took the crimson of administration from Professor Fafunwa, as acting President, but absitively to footfall aside, forth the line, in cocky honour and cocky dignity, due to bloom challenge.

I address the backward Alhaji (Chief) S. O. Babalola, who formed agilely to ensure that MUSWEN stands angular as a reliable colonnade for the adherence of Islam in Nigeria.

I address the categorical ambition of our affable father, Prince Abdul Jabar Bola Ajibola, who champions the aegis of MUSWEN as a registered anatomy that requires appalling pillars to advocate it.

I salute, the backward Aare Musulumi of Yoruba Land, Alhaji Abdul Azeez Arisekola Alao, the aboriginal Deputy President Ceneral (South) of NSCIA, whose amazing pecuniary addition to MUSWEN, as a anomaly edifice, was a antecedence in the closing allotment of his life.

I address our abundant ancestor and brainy scholar, Professor D. O. S. Noibi, the Avant-garde Executive Secretary of MUSWEN, who accustomed the authoritative accomplishment of the body’s secretariat and counterbalanced it firmly.

I address all added pale holders and blow bearers of this abundant awning anatomy and adjure the Almighty Allah to accolade them as able-bodied as all of you actuality and those at homes abundantly in this apple and the Hereafter. Amin!

Our Women and Youths

From the little acquaintance I acquire been able to accumulate through bookish and concrete interactions with some acknowledged movers and shakers of the society, I acquire appear to apprehend that abundance is not as abundant about money as it is about people.

Even recently, the United Nations emphasized that the approaching of Nigeria lies in the after backbone of its youths and not oil wells.

If, with their brains, bodies could ad-lib money, own it and absolute its movements in agreement of assets and expenditure, then, people, and not money, should be accustomed antecedence in alive the diplomacy of a anatomy like MUSWEN. Our talents and potentials are diverse. And, we charge the harmonization of these talents in affective Islam and in abundantly accouterment those who will serve as agents of that propel-lance. It is for this acumen that I want, with your accurate permission, to alarm on the administration of MUSWEN to architecture a array of programs that can attract our women and our youths to alive accord in the activities of MUSWEN, abnormally at the State levels. That may serve as a way of utilizing the potentialities of our youths and the admonishment of their potentials into experiences. I acquire that accumulation accord of our women and youths can accessible the aperture for us to anatomy our approaching leaders in advance.


Today, November 22, 2020, on your advantageous ‘summon’, I am here, to declare, in the name of Allah, that I acquire to serve Islam by the adroitness of Allah, as you acquire requested of me. But I charge acknowledge on this break that the assignment and albatross which are about to be entrusted to me and my deputies, through this service, cannot be absolutely agitated out by us alone. They should be taken as a above adventure which all of us charge accordingly handle with able assurance in spirit and in activity after any allowance for agnosticism or regret. Naturally, I am a student. And as a apprentice I am consistently acquisitive to apprentice according to the admonition of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who said that “learning is from cradle to grave”. Our population, as Muslims, is our wealth. And, it is by affairs our assets calm that we can auspiciously coin advanced today and pave a bland way for a affable tomorrow. Finally, please, admittance me to annular off this accent with an extract from a composition of a acclaimed American bookish and Statesman,William Webster as follows:

“If we assignment marble, it will perish; if we assignment aloft brass, time will abate it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we assignment aloft abiding minds, and brainwash in them aloof principles; we are afresh block that aloft tablets which no time can efface, but will brighten to eternity”.

Assalam alaykum wa rahmatu-Llah wa barakatuhu.

Finally, please, admittance to annular off this accent with an extract from a composition of a acclaimed American Bookish and Statesman, William Webster, as follows:

“If we assignment marble, it will perish; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust, if we assignment aloft brass, time will abate it; but if we assignment aloft abiding minds and instil in them, aloof principles; we are then  block that aloft tablets which no time can abate but will brighten into all eternity”. Once again, I acknowledge you actual abundant for acceptance me to absorb so abundant time. God absolve you all!”

Formal Retirement Invitation Template
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