New Ideas Example Of Invitation Card For Graduation

New Ideas Example Of Invitation Card For Graduation –

Due to the Covid crisis and the consistent access of alive from home (which will acceptable abide continued afterwards the crisis), the adored attitude (wide-spread in abounding companies) of collecting money for a allowance for a colleague (typically for a wedding, adolescent or pension) via a circulating envelope is now disappearing.

graduation  Graduation party invitation wording, Graduation party

graduation Graduation party invitation wording, Graduation party | Example Of Invitation Card For Graduation

Graduation Invitation Template  Invitation Templates  Graduation

Graduation Invitation Template Invitation Templates Graduation | Example Of Invitation Card For Graduation

Graduation Invitation Card Template Best Of Sample Graduation

Graduation Invitation Card Template Best Of Sample Graduation | Example Of Invitation Card For Graduation

In our avant-garde agenda age, this attitude seems a bit archaic, but it absolutely helps to enforce the band amid colleagues. With colleagues actuality one of the best important factors of agent happiness, this bonding is acutely important for agent action and as such for agent abundance and retention.

Some teams accept switched to alternatives like addition accession the money on his claimed coffer annual and demography affliction of the gift, but this is actual time-consuming (e.g. accurately anecdotic all affairs on his account, abnormally if the beneficiary is acclimation assorted ability in parallel) and abstract (i.e. not accessible to leave a claimed bulletin or assurance a card) and requires a big accepting in the collector, who is the alone one alive the calm bulk and knows what anybody has paid. Clearly a added avant-garde band-aid is required.

There are definitely many accoutrement in the market to abutment this affectionate of process, such as:


TenGift App


Cheddar Up







Most of those solutions accept about the affair that anybody needs to use the aforementioned app (which is not accessible to argue a accomplished aggregation of colleagues) or that the consistent calm bulk needs to be spent on a allowance (or allowance voucher) on the platform, which is additionally not consistently desired.

As such affiliation this affection in your banking app, which can additionally be accessed by non-customers of the coffer would be a far bigger solution, as:

The cyberbanking app of a tier-1 coffer ability be installed already by abounding people

People not accepting the app will not be actual afraid to install, due to the credibility of a ample cyberbanking institution

A bank does not charge to accomplish a absolute profit on the annual but can advantage the annual to allure affairs to its belvedere and to adduce added articles and services. As such they don’t charge to accomplish spending the calm bulk on the platform.

Obviously acclimation such a accumulation allowance requires a whole orchestration of altered steps. Below I try to accord an overview of every footfall and the appearance such a apparatus can/should provide. The best important appropriate about of such a belvedere is that it remains easy, claimed and fun.

Step 1: Create an event

The aboriginal footfall consists of creating the accident (and its associated group). While aloft we focused on a able context, this of advance should not be so restrictive. A accumulation allowance can accept many different occasions, e.g.

In a professional context, this will about be a retirement, departure, wedding, bearing of a adolescent or grandchild or anniversary

In a private context, this will about be for a babyish shower, a marriage, a altogether gift, a graduation, a new home (housewarming party)…​

Other contexts might be like a Teacher or Coach gift

In this aboriginal step, it should be accessible to bureaucracy the event. This requires the input of a cardinal of capital characteristics, like

Inputting the celebrator (i.e. ascribe of the name and potentially a annual or baddest from a annual of contacts or baddest from amusing media)

Type of event, i.e. baddest from a pre-defined annual of accident types

invitation card for graduation party - Invitations Design

invitation card for graduation party – Invitations Design | Example Of Invitation Card For Graduation

Description of the event

Date of the event

Visibility of the accident (Public, Anyone with a articulation or Private)

But it should additionally be accessible to define some added avant-garde settings (which are defaulted if not set):

Add a annual of the accident (optional)

Date afore which contributions should be done (by absence set 5 canicule afore the accident date)

Description of the allowance which is advised to be bought (optional)

Target bulk for the specific allowance (optional)

Define specific anchored addition bulk (optional)

Define minimum/maximum addition bulk (optional)

Configure which blazon of wishes can be added, i.e. bulletin (on a agenda or not), annual and/or video (by absence all types of letters are possible)

Allow bodies to add wishes after accidental (disabled by default)

Enable or not that contributors can accord suggestions for a allowance (disabled by default)

Enable or not that contributors can accelerate the accident to added bodies for addition (enabled by default)

Configure the accuracy setup, i.e.

Does the almsman of the accumulation allowance see the contributed bulk of anniversary contributor (by absence disabled)

Do the contributors to the accumulation allowance see the contributed bulk of anniversary contributor (by absence disabled)

Can contributors see anniversary other’s letters (by absence enabled)

Configure if the allowance ambassador needs to be notified back a addition is done (disabled by default)

Configure if (and when) automated reminders should be beatific out (enabled by default)

Step 2: Allure bodies to contribute

Once the accident has been setup, it is time to allure bodies to contribute.The apparatus should abutment this footfall via altered agency of selecting and agreeable contributors.


Manual ascribe of contributors

Selecting from a annual of acquaintance bodies in the (banking) app. A articulation with your “Payment Acquaintance Management” bore could be absorbing here. Cfr. my blog “Payment acquaintance administration – Room for addition – https://bankloch.blogspot.com/2020/09/payment-contact-management-room-for.html”

Selection of contacts via amusing media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…​)

Upload contributors from a file

The apparatus should ensure that the “gift recipient” is automatically filtered out. If the arrangement detects there is a abeyant bout amid a created contributor and the “gift recipient”, a admonishing pop-up should be showed.


Invite the contributors via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Amusing Media, centralized messaging apparatus of the app…​

Ability to allotment a articulation on amusing media

The apparatus should acutely acclimate the allurement bulletin automatically based on the settings of the event, but it should additionally be accessible to acclimate the pre-defined message.

If abode advice (e.g. blast number, email address, Facebook ID…​) of a contributor is missing, the apparatus should acquaint the ambassador and ask to complete the missing advice or to about-face to addition commitment advantage for this contributor.

It should additionally be accessible to accomplish addition being additionally administrator. This agency this being can additionally administer the accident settings, do afterpiece aftereffect of the accident and abjure money from the money pot.

Step 3: Accord to a accumulation gift

When a contributor clicks on an allurement or on a aggregate link, he will access on the addition screen. Depending on the settings of the event, this awning will be customized.

Typical features of this footfall will be:

Visualization of all capacity of the accident (recipient name, description, picture…​)

A accord button, accepting to pay with altered acquittal methods, like acclaim alteration (e.g. automatically if user is a chump of the bank, via QR cipher or via PSD2), debit card, acclaim card, PayPal…​ This includes acutely additionally the ascribe of the amount, unless of advance a anchored bulk was set by the accident administrator.

Get addition info, which allows to retrieve capacity like:

Overview of your accomplished contributions to bodies present in the addition accumulation (with advice like date, accident blazon and accident allowance recipient) to advice actuate bulk of the contribution

Overview of all contributions appropriately far, if the accident ambassador has enabled this accuracy setting

The boilerplate addition bulk till now

The absolute addition bulk and cardinal of contributors till now

Leave your claimed details, if not already accepted by the system, like name, email, phone, a abeyant picture…​

Leave a claimed message:

See the letters already larboard by added bodies (if accuracy ambience is enabled)

Allow to ascribe or upload a claimed message, i.e. text, annual and/or (wish-)video

When the accident ambassador has enabled the ambience for suggestions for a gift, there will additionally be the advantage to add suggestions.

When the accident ambassador has enabled the ambience for administration the accident with added people, there will additionally be the advantage to allure added bodies or allotment the articulation via amusing media.

For ability in a able context, an absorbing affection is additionally the actuality of a “Company Wallet”, which can be accessed by specific advisers (e.g. the CHRO) to accord to aide gifts. This aggregation wallet could be abounding by the employer by crediting an amount, but additionally in added ways, like automated advancement rounding of all agent costs agreement and putting the aberration on the Aggregation Wallet (as a acknowledge you to advisers for advancing the expense), automated bushing back assertive team/company objectives are met, automated bushing by challenges (e.g. for every kilometer commuted by bike employer does a addition in the Aggregation Wallet)

Step 4: Aftereffect of contributions

Obviously the accident administrator(s) should be able to calmly aftereffect the accustomed contributions, i.e.

Get notified (when ambience is activated) anniversary time addition contributes

Have a bright appearance of who has contributed and see how the absolute bulk grows.

Have a appearance on all accustomed letters for the “celebrator”

Automatic or chiral bearing of reminders to arrive persons, who didn’t accord yet

Possibility to consign the claimed letters and/or contributions

Step 5: Consume/spend the calm money

Once contributions accept been calm (or at atomic a big part), the accident ambassador can use the calm money to buy something.This action should additionally be accurate by the tool, with appearance like:

Get a appearance on the recipient’s interests, hobbies and burning patterns (when almsman has accustomed accord to allotment this info). This can be calm via a check but can additionally be retrieved from the cyberbanking transaction history of the recipient.

Automatically catechumen a baby allotment of the contributions to a concrete card, which can automatically be printed, with a called architecture (e.g. acclimatized to the accident blazon or with a aggregation logo) and can automatically accommodate letters and/or pictures added by contributors. Acutely the commitment capacity for this agenda can additionally be chosen.

Consume (a allotment of) the money pot, by

Converting it to a allowance agenda (with specific accepting network)

Donating to a charity

Withdrawing money to annual of administrator

Automatically creating a basic pre-paid acclaim card, which contains the money pot bulk and can again be acclimated to buy items

Buy specific articles or store-specific allowance vouchers anon on the allowance tool

The apparatus can along action nice deals on vouchers or articles and can accommodate some affectionate of adherence point system.

In case of alms donation, it can be absorbing to automatically accomplish budgetary accession for all contributors accidental added than the minimum for budgetary deductibility (40 EUR in Belgium) and a budgetary accession for the almsman for the butt bulk (if beyond than 40 EUR).

Step 6: Hand-over to the recipient

Finally there is the hand-over to the recipient, which about happens on the accident date.

At that moment, it should be accessible to:

Push all claimed letters to the allowance recipient

Send the acquired allowance card(s) or vouchers to the recipient

Transfer any actual money in the money pot to the almsman via a wire transfer

Close the accumulation allowance event

Those accomplishments can be triggered manually by the accident ambassador or automatically on the accident date/time.


This blog describes a simple, but actual accepted use case, which is ideal for banks to action as a value-added service to its retail and accumulated customers.It is a nice archetype of a annual on top of a accepted acquittal flow, aloof like:

Check out all my blogs on https://bankloch.blogspot.com/

Example Of Invitation Card For Graduation
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