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Four Royal Navy argosy will be accomplished to Britain’s territorial amnion if a barter accord is not agreed with the EU.

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Armed with cannon and apparatus guns, they will convoying the English Channel and Irish Sea to stop actionable fishing.

In a affecting ratcheting-up of No Accord accident planning, Wildcat and Merlin helicopters are additionally actuality placed on standby to admonition with littoral surveillance.

And advancing cadre acquire been seconded to the Joint Maritime Aegis Centre to admonition accord with any clashes in fishing grounds.

The argosy ships could alike be ordered to impound rogue French fishing vessels.

The abeyant deployment evokes memories of the Cod Wars of the 1970s. At times the Royal Navy chock-full Icelandic boats interfering with British trawlers. 

The move is absurd to calm tensions advanced of tomorrow’s borderline for a accommodation on whether barter negotiations should backpack on.

Boris Johnson bygone warned No Accord was now ‘very, actual likely’, acceptation Britain would acquire to barter with the EU beneath what he calls an ‘Australian-style relationship’.

The Prime Abbot had approved to allege anon to Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel but the French and German leaders rebuffed his approach.

As Mr Macron banned to budge on fishing quotas, insisting he was afraid to ‘give up my allotment of the cake’:

Fishing rights acquire been one of the key afraid credibility in the barter talks, with the two abandon bitterly disconnected over how abundant admission EU fleets should abide to acquire to British waters.

Earlier this anniversary the EU appropriate it should abide to adore the aforementioned admission as it does now for at atomic addition year – alike beneath No Deal. That abstraction has been abandoned by UK ministers.

The Admiral of Defence has spent months cartoon up accident affairs for a cardinal of outcomes at the end of the alteration aeon on December 31.

It is feared that a No Accord aftereffect could beforehand to clashes amidst battling boats – with centralized government warnings of EU fisherman continuing to angle in UK amnion at the end of this month.

A 34-page ‘official sensitive’ certificate on reasonable worst-case scenarios states: ‘EU and UK fishers could affray over the absent admission to celebrated fishing grounds, and there could be a cogent boost in actionable fishing activities.’

The Royal Navy has fatigued up a ambit of administration measures to assure the UK’s cachet as an ‘independent littoral state’.

Its four argosy would be deployed ‘when it gets feisty’, government sources said.

It is accepted the Navy is advancing to arrange two Batch 1 argosy and two Batch 2 vessels, which are about 300ft in breadth and counterbalance 2,000 tons. 

The Batch 1 argosy are able with 20mm cannons and 7.62mm apparatus guns. The Batch 2s acquire 30mm MK44 Bushmaster cannons.

A Navy antecedent said: ‘It’s awful acceptable you’ll get a brace of those at sea on New Year’s Day.’

The cabal added that requests for abetment would arise from added government departments adding: ‘We will angular in to abutment wherever required.’

A government antecedent said: ‘They’ll be able to abutment bound force and footfall in aback there are boats in our amnion that are not adjustable and not accommodating to exit.

‘If there’s a fishing barge aural 12 abyssal afar that isn’t accommodating to leave that is aback the Navy will footfall in’.

As able-bodied as accouterment a concrete attendance and deterrence, the argosy will be able to audit argosy if needed. 

The Navy has eight adopted convoying argosy and has beatific their crews on courses to apprentice about fisheries protection. Helicopters could be drafted in to chase for groups of vessels.

Mr Gove warned in October that the Navy would be patrolling British amnion in the canicule afterwards the alteration period. The Chiffonier Office abbot said they would ‘make abiding no one is abusing their rights aback it comes to admission to our fishing waters’.

Top acceptance acquire put 14,000 cadre on standby to acknowledge to No Accord and admonition with the rollout of coronavirus vaccines and abeyant astringent acclimate events.

Norway bygone said it adeptness abutting its fishing amnion to European and British argosy from January 1. Oslo assured a mutual acceding with Britain in October but aboriginal wants this to be allotment of a trilateral accord with the EU.

‘If we do not get a accord by January 1, we will not accessible Norway’s bread-and-butter fishing zones to argosy from the EU and Britain,’ said fisheries and seafood abbot Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen.

Now it’s Le Snub: No Accord on a knife edge, but Macron and Merkel won’t booty Boris’s calls 


No accord is now ‘very, actual likely’, Boris Johnson aftermost night warned as Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel banned alike to allege to him.

The Prime Abbot will adjudge tomorrow whether to beforehand Britain out of the European Abutment afterwards a barter deal.

He declared bygone that abrogation afterwards an acceding would be ‘wonderful for the UK and we’d be able to do absolutely what we want’. 

Ahead of the looming deadline, it was arise that the French admiral and German adjudicator acquire abandoned Downing Street’s appeal to authority emergency talks on the blast to breach the impasse.

Instead, the two best important leaders in Europe acquire accepted that all negotiations are conducted through admiral in Brussels.

As he abounding an EU acme yesterday, Mr Macron banned to budge on the key affair of fishing quotas as he insisted he is afraid to ‘give up my allotment of the cake’. 

European Commission admiral Ursula von der Leyen told the accumulated leaders she believes there is now a greater adventitious of No Accord than an agreement.

Ministers were angled up by Boris Johnson in Downing Street aftermost night to analysis ‘battle plans’ in case he abandons barter talks tomorrow.

The Prime Abbot has taken allegation of No Accord affairs and he wants arch admiral accessible to accommodated annular the clock.

A board led by Michael Gove has spent the accomplished few weeks ‘war gaming’ altered scenarios for abrogation the EU afterwards a barter agreement.

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Wedding invitation template nautical style Vector Image | Nautical Wedding Invitation Template

From abutting anniversary it is accepted to sit several times a day if negotiations with Brussels fail.

Government departments acquire amorphous continuing up their No Accord plans, which accommodate the battery of a new 24/7 bound operations centre.

The advanced adeptness will accumulate alive admonition on the breeze beyond the bound and admonition the Government and badge accomplish accelerated decisions.

Even if there is a barter agreement, ministers adumbrate disruption at the bound in the New Year that could aftermost months.

French authorities will appoint abounding EU community and controlled appurtenances checks on all goods.

The Government has accepted there was a achievability of up to 7,000 lorries cat-and-mouse for two canicule in tailbacks. 

Lord Frost and Michel Barnier, the UK and EU’s arch negotiators, this morning will abide talks in Brussels as they seek to boldness the two bigger barrier blocks apropos Britain ambience its own standards beneath a barter accord and fishing quotas.

Mr Johnson and Mrs von der Leyen acquire set a borderline of tomorrow to adjudge whether there is any point continuing negotiations. It is anticipation the Prime Abbot could fly to Brussels if he believes there is a adventitious of accepting a deal.

The Prime Abbot on Thursday said he was accommodating to go to Paris, Berlin or ‘wherever to try and get this home and get a deal’. 

But an EU official arise bygone that Mr Johnson had already been told he charge accommodate with the European Commission afterwards he requested a blast alarm with Mr Macron and Mrs Merkel on Monday and it was rejected.

On a appointment to Blyth in Northumberland yesterday, Mr Johnson accepted he was not hopeful of a beforehand in the barter talks. 

‘Unfortunately at the moment, as you know, there are two key things area we aloof can’t assume to accomplish beforehand and that’s this affectionate of ratchet article they’ve got in to accumulate the UK bound in to whatever they appetite to do in acceding of legislation, which acutely doesn’t work,’ he said.

‘And afresh there is the accomplished affair of angle area we’ve got to be able to booty aback ascendancy of our waters. So there is a way to go – we’re hopeful that beforehand can be made.

‘I’ve got to acquaint that from area I angle now, actuality in Blyth, it is adorable very, actual acceptable that we will acquire to go for a band-aid that I anticipate would be admirable for the UK, and we’d be able to do absolutely what we appetite from January 1.

‘It acutely would be altered from what we’d set out to accomplish but I acquire no agnosticism this country can get accessible and, as I say, arise out on Apple Barter terms.’ 

At a columnist appointment in Brussels bygone Mrs von der Leyen insisted that beneath the EU’s angle the UK would acquire the appropriate to bend from its rules, but insisted that measures such as tariffs and quotas would charge to be alien if it led to a advancing advantage.

‘They would abide free. Sovereign, if you wish, to adjudge what they appetite to do,’ the Commission admiral said.

‘We would artlessly acclimate the altitude for admission to our bazaar appropriately [to] the accommodation of the Affiliated Kingdom, and this would administer carnality versa.’

Asked about her comments, a Downing Street agent said: ‘I would say there isn’t annihilation new here. Because they still say they would acclimate the altitude they abode on us for access. And our position on ascendancy charcoal unchanged.’

On the affair of fishing, Mrs von der Leyen insisted that European boats had a ‘legitimate expectation’ to beforehand admission to British amnion as they acquire done for ‘decades, and, sometimes, centuries’.

Dutch prime abbot Mark Rutte aftermost night alleged on both abandon to acquisition a compromise.

He said: ‘The abandoned affair I can say to ourselves, to our ancillary but additionally to Boris Johnson, it will be ambiguous to the blow of the apple if the UK and Europe are not able to arise to a deal. In these times of upheaval.’ 

SIMON WALTERS: How Aussie rules arise with a austere bloom admonishing for Boris Johnson 


Boris Johnson has a new artifice aback asked about the anticipation of a No Accord Brexit outcome: He talks about Australia instead.

He did it afresh yesterday, comparing abrogation the EU afterwards a barter acceding as ‘the Australian-style option’.

On Thursday, the Prime Abbot said acid ties with Brussels ‘on Australian terms’ would acquiesce the UK to ‘prosper mightily’ and booty advantage of ‘amazing possibilities’.

His absolution for calling it the ‘Aussie option’ is because if we leave the EU, as seems added likely, with no barter deal, we will acquire to barter with it on Apple Barter Organisation (WTO) terms. That is how Australia trades with the EU.

If the British-EU barter talks cannot be rescued, WTO rules will administer to us: British firms will face tariffs on abounding appurtenances traded with the EU – aloof like Australia does. 

The cerebration of accomplished anchorperson Mr Johnson would arise to be that ‘No Deal’ has a advancing arena and ‘WTO rules’ are dizzyingly complex.

They complete added like some affectionate of American angry bazaar than a chiral on how abundant we will acquire pay for Spanish tomatoes.

But above Australian prime abbot Malcolm Turnbull has caked a brazier of algid baptize over Mr Johnson’s attack to accord No Accord a brilliant Australian makeover. 

He warned the Prime Abbot on BBC TV’s Catechism Time on Thursday to ‘be accurate what you ambition for’ in application Australia to acrylic No Accord as attractive.

Trading with the EU on WTO rules had created ‘very big barriers’ for Australian farmers, said Mr Turnbull, and Britain would face agnate problems.

‘It’ll be appealing disappointing, I anticipate you’ll acquisition out,’ said Mr Turnbull, Australian prime abbot until 2018.

‘Australians would not attention our barter accord with Europe as actuality a satisfactory one. It is not one from a barter point of appearance that I anticipate Britain would want, frankly. So be accurate what you ambition for.’

That was why Australia was currently negotiating its own barter accord with Brussels, he added.

Mr Johnson’s critics say comparing a Brexit No Accord to Australia’s trading acceding with the EU is misleading.

They point out that the UK trades added than bisected its appurtenances with the EU, compared with aloof 11 per cent for Australia; and the UK is 20 afar from continental Europe: Australia is on the added ancillary of the world. 

It is not the aboriginal time Mr Johnson has presented Australia as a arrangement for his Brexit policies. He won the EU election in 2016 by able to carve clearing with a new ‘Australian-style points-based system’.

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Nautical DIY Wedding Invitation Pack Nautical wedding | Nautical Wedding Invitation Template

Cynics said his altercation had little to do with the claim of a points-based arrangement for immigration. 

The UK has had one for non-EU immigrants back 2007, they acicular out; and in Australia, the points-based arrangement was not devised to accumulate numbers down.

The Prime Minister’s detractors said it was because focus accumulation analysis in contempo years has showed that Britons acquire an overwhelmingly absolute appearance of Australia, the acreage of aureate beaches, candid and kangaroos – and actuality boxy on immigration.

They are said to anticipate of TV blur of cover seekers in Australia actuality put in camps on alien Pacific islands – alike admitting that has annihilation to do with its points-based clearing system.

They appearance Australia as a predominantly white country, admitting in actuality the cardinal of Australians built-in abroad, including abounding from indigenous minorities, has risen acutely in contempo years. 

Not all Australians are as black as Mr Turnbull about Britain’s column Brexit fate beneath WTO rules.

Tony Abbott, Australian prime abbot from 2013 to 2015 and now a UK barter envoy, maintains we acquire annihilation to anguish about. 

‘Let me assure anyone in Britain afraid about the anticipation of No Deal, that Australia does $100billion account of barter with the EU every year, on this actual basis,’ he has said.

We may acquisition out the accuracy about an ‘Aussie rules’ Brexit in 20 days.

MARK ALMOND: The EU is the ailing man of Europe with a crippling banknote crisis, bankrupt authority and infighting – admitting insisting it’s Britain that will be larboard abaft afterwards Brexit


Let us brainstorm that, arise the eleventh hour, a Brexit barter accord is appear tomorrow night.

Leaving abreast the animosity of diehard Remainers who will never acquire our abandonment from the European Union, and of diehard Brexiteers who will bewail a ‘sellout’, it’s fair to say a affection of abatement would ambit Britain.

Wearied by the ‘stop-start’ negotiations, threats and counter-threats, the game-playing and brinkmanship, best of us appetite a resolution and businesses appetite authoritativeness so that as a nation we can move advanced and alpha to adjustment the bread-and-butter accident of the pandemic.

No 10 will present the accord as a triumph. As absolutely will Brussels, with Eurocrats congratulating themselves on accepting pushed Boris Johnson to the limit.

But in my appearance — and whatever the capacity of a accord (if there is one) about-face out to be — the celebrations of Macron, Merkel, von der Leyen & Co will be premature, to say the least.

For weeks now, the focus on both abandon of the Channel has been on what a accord or no accord would beggarly for Britain.

The acceptance is that, whatever the outcome, the EU will beforehand its beforehand and abundance afterwards us.

According to this astigmatic narrative, we are the ones adverse a storm as we bang out alone, while the EU, affiliated and purposeful, sails on serenely.

In fact, annihilation could be added from the truth.

With or afterwards a deal, the EU faces awe-inspiring problems on every front, from bread-and-butter sclerosis and citizenry abatement to growing capacity amidst its 27 members.

Papering over the tensions amidst the richer amount states — France, Germany and the Netherlands — and Greece and Italy, let abandoned those demography basis amidst the poorer new associates from the old Eastern bloc, is acceptable anytime harder.

Since 2016, abhorrence adjoin Brexit has answer a affectionate of bank accord beyond the union. But already Britain is no best Brussels’ scapegoat, the EU will be starkly confronted by its own abiding failings.

The European activity is in crisis — both bankrupt and woke, if you like. Its absolute archetypal of babyminding is anachronous and ill-fitted to the challenges of the 21st century.

That is a actuality too generally abandoned in Britain because of our navel-gazing tendencies about Brexit, currently reflected in afraid letters of a no-deal book amidst allocution of looming aliment shortages, bottlenecks at ports and British passport-holders actuality angry abroad at European bound points.

With abnormal glee, Remainers are additionally application the Covid crisis — which is abundantly amenable for the anchorage problems — to bless us the ‘sick man of Europe’ already more.

Yet such sneers discount the actuality that Belgium, home of the European Commission, has the accomplished per capita afterlife assessment from Covid-19 in the world. And with its federal constitution, multilingual composition and paralysed controlling process, Belgium is the EU in microcosm.

Make no mistake, the sprawling Brussels authority is in decline, attenuated by its credo and bureaucracy.

Decades ago, the EU had a adeptness of attraction. In the Sixties and aboriginal Seventies, alternating British prime ministers saw abutting the Common Bazaar as the catholicon for our own bread-and-butter difficulties.

In 1973, Edward Heath agreed to whatever Brussels asked. The French negotiators anticipation it a abundant antic to ask for an island nation’s fisheries and couldn’t acquire their luck aback they were handed them.

But now, as the EU slides into stagnation and fractures deepen, Europe’s airs appear Britain has been replaced by a assurance to abuse us for our arrogance in adventuresome to leave.

Wilful attrition in the Brexit negotiations is also, of course, allotment of the Brussels attack to avert added associates from a agnate move. Similarly, Malta, Poland and Hungary acquire been threated with banking after-effects — such as denial Covid accretion aid — if they do not arise into band with EU diktats on political, administrative and chargeless accent issues.

Yet this actuation to penalise is not the activity of a secure, blooming organisation. On the contrary, it is the behaviour of a atrocious institution, racked by weaknesses.

At the affection of the EU’s beforehand daydream is the actual attributes of its mission, namely to accomplish ‘ever afterpiece union’ through political integration.

Built on the blue-blooded ambition to anticipate addition European war, this cold has angry into a accident brawl adjoin civic democracies and economies.

The article of federal accord led to the conception of the distinct currency, which fuelled unemployment and debt by annexation affiliate states of the adeptness to fix their budgetary behavior and absorption ante according to their own needs.

The EU is now lecturing Britain about celebratory its ‘rules’. But it rode roughshod over those aforementioned rules to facilitate the admittance of troubled, accountable Greece in the Eurozone, with adverse consequences.

Similarly, the attraction with chargeless movement is apprenticed by the assurance to actualize a new abstraction of European citizenship by abrasion civic identities. That adventure backfired, too.

Mass clearing from the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe to affiliate countries with bigger affairs has acquired amusing upheaval, strains on abundance and accident to alone economies.

Think of what the accident of so abounding young, working-age bodies has meant for their home countries.

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Nautical Wedding Invitations Anchor Ship Wedding Set Nautical | Nautical Wedding Invitation Template

Quite afar from the accent imposed on ancestors activity and the accident of balance and tax revenues, abounding EU affiliate states face ageing populations and falling bearing rates.

Moreover, the faculty that we had absent ascendancy of our borders assuredly played a acute allotment in Brexit. Today, agnate fears are actuality played out over Germany’s affirmation that affiliate states should acquire their allotment of immigrant ‘quotas’.

Lack of adaptability is addition aftereffect of the Brussels fixation with unity.

The EU charcoal ashore with the administration archetypal and revenue-raising of the backward 1950s, aback there were aloof six founding associates of what was afresh alleged the EEC. It is absolutely abnormal to consisting of 27 associates in the 21st century.

The actuality that it took the EU six months to accede an ‘emergency’ Covid account shows how apathetic Europe has become.

Say what you like about Whitehall’s administration of coronavirus, but Adjudicator Rishi Sunak was able to acknowledge to anniversary new claiming as it happened, not afterwards months of appointment calls with 27 added accounts ministers. That Britain became the aboriginal nation in the apple to alpha accumulation immunisation with a Covid vaccine was, according to Bloom Secretary Matt Hancock, a absolute aftereffect of our authoritative authorities actuality able to fast-track the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine rather than delay for European approval.

What makes the EU’s outdated, authoritative attitude alike worse is that its affairs are about to booty a amazing hit from Brexit, with the Commission accident about a fifth of the anniversary budget.

That agency citizens in the richer countries of Western Europe will face burden to access their payments. If Britain’s huge addition was a bang to Brexit voters, we should bethink that the Germans and the Dutch as individuals pay a cable to the EU big abundant to buy anniversary of them anniversary associates of an absolute London club. Cranking up banking demands will abandoned access tensions.

Inflexibility and credo acquire additionally inhibited the EU on the all-around stage. Aback the European activity was aboriginal conceived, the apple was disconnected by the Iron Curtain amidst free-market commercialism and absolute communism.

Western Europe and North America were the powerhouses of the all-around economy. Japan’s acceleration was a aboriginal admonishing of the re-emergence of Asia, from tiger economies such as South Korea and Singapore to the adverse mix of Maoism and the bazaar that has fabricated China the branch of the apple today.

Yet on what acquire the EU Commission and the European Parliament been apperception their energies, as East Asian rivals balance from Covid and abide their alee bread-and-butter march?

Instead of affair that challenge, they are wallowing in the ‘woke’ pieties of political correctness, as able-bodied as adhering to the enterprise-sapping, job-destroying welfarist model.

The amaranthine battery of self-loathing advertising about the iniquities of European civilisation is abrasive the continent’s resilience, aloof as its action is actuality destroyed by the adapter to vast, acrid amusing aegis programmes.

Europe accounts for aloof 7 per cent of the world’s citizenry but 50 per cent of all abundance spending. Little admiration that all the fastest-growing economies are alfresco Europe.

It is a added affluent irony that the focus on affiliation absolutely fuels disharmony. In acknowledgment to the beforehand of political correctness, there is a new East-West breach in Europe, with Poland and Hungary afraid accepting rules of accustomed activity — administering the attorneys and media freedom, and alike their own constitutions — dictated to them from a adopted power.

It is hardly hasty that bodies who led the attempt adjoin the Kremlin’s ascendancy in the antipathetic era are acutely acute to actuality bossed about by Brussels.

The EU will, of course, alternate on for the time being. But the cracks are growing.

The donors are annoyed of giving and the receivers feel they are actuality asked to abase and lick the boots of those who give. Euro-pride comes afore a fall.

The poorer genitalia of the EU could cruise up the aloof and astigmatic aristocratic in Brussels as it attempts to appoint a one-size-fits-all straitjacket on the 27 members. As the EU account shrinks acutely with Brexit, Brussels will acquire beneath carrots and charge await on added sticks to accumulate the dissidents in line.

And the EU’s flaws are embodied in the accepted Admiral of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, whose abridgement of acuteness and artistic administration acquire been on abounding affectation this anniversary in the impasse over the Brexit talks.

Although she looks a little like Margaret Thatcher, Ursula is no shopkeeper’s daughter. She was built-in with a argent Euro-spoon in her mouth. Her father, Ernst Albrecht, was a architect of the European authority as able-bodied as arch West German politician, so Ursula affiliated her abode at the affection of German politics.

But every admiral she ran angry to dust. She was ejected from the chiffonier in Berlin afterwards a adverse administration at the Admiral of Defence that larboard soldiers practising with broomsticks for Apple War III while all-inclusive sums were blown on consultants.

From actuality Angela Merkel’s all-powerful successor, she was parachuted into the job of Admiral of the European Commission — a archetypal evidence of the EU’s embrace of a second-rate conformist.

Far from handbagging her colleagues and the active of government into accepting things done, Ursula von der Leyen has presided over EU crisis administration as a slow-motion sport.

Tinkering with non-essentials has become a acting for angry bread-and-butter stagnation, citizenry abatement and arrest advancing neighbours such as Russia and Turkey.

That affectionate of action aeroembolism is what led the once-mighty Ottoman Authority straddling the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa to be alleged the aboriginal ‘Sick Man of Europe’ in the 19th century.

Turkish sultans focused on aggregate except the essentials bare to adored their empire. The EU is accomplishing abundant the aforementioned today.

Fear of a revived, advancing Britain lies abaft Brussels’ connected attempts to lock us into its business-stifling regulations alike afterwards Brexit. But alike if Britain succumbed to these demands — and as I write, Boris Johnson is insisting that is out of the catechism — the blow of the apple won’t.

Canada, for example, hasn’t had to accede to a ‘level arena field’, abject the Brussels rulebook at home.

And can you brainstorm either of the world’s bread-and-butter superpowers, the U.S. or China, meekly accepting altitude such as those Europe has been aggravating to administer on Britain?

Nor are advancing powerhouses such as India activity to tie their bread-and-butter easily abaft their backs to accumulate Brussels happy.

Margaret Thatcher admired the composition Cat-and-mouse For The Barbarians, by the Greek biographer Constantine Cavafy. It bent the affection of a corrupt authority which acclimated the barbaric blackmail as a aberration from centralized problems.

For the EU, the end of Brexit will be the agnate of the ‘bewilderment’ acquainted by the administrative aristocratic in Cavafy’s composition at the account that the barbarians acquire confused away.

‘What’s activity to appear to us afterwards barbarians? Those bodies were a affectionate of solution.’

Britain was Europe’s abundant alibi for not accepting things done. For decades we blocked ‘progress’ to a federal Europe. Afresh our abiding abandonment took up Brussels’ time and activity as the apple confused on. Now, with Britain gone, what will authority Europe calm in the face of self-inflicted wounds and adamantine realities?

Brexit was a anatomy of activity abutment for Europe’s moribund, log-jammed system.

Even if a accord is accomplished afore the end of the alteration period, Europe will still be larboard afterwards excuses for its problems already Britain goes.

Can Brussels analyze the EU’s ills accurately? Added importantly, will it appoint the appropriate medicine?

Given its unimpressive record, that seems unlikely. Rather than candidly acclamation its built-in ailments, Brussels is added anxious to proscribe blackballed admonition from dissenters and stick to the dishonest remedies that acquire abandoned worsened its poor health.

The EU has absolutely become the ailing man of Europe.

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